Teach For Malaysia
  • W.P. Kuala Lumpur

The Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Fellowship programme recruits our country's rising generation of leaders from all academic disciplines and career interests, who demonstrate the core competencies to drive measurable impact on student achievement during their 2 years in the programme.

Through a process of discovery, we listened to our communities and spoke to the children we serve. It led us to the Student Vision: ‘A Malaysia where all children are empowered to be leaders of their own learning, their future, and the future of Malaysia’.

TFM recruit, train and support Fellows to build the skills, mindsets, and knowledge needed to maximise their impact during their placement in high-need schools, typically based in low income communities. The Fellowship aims to empower children, steering them towards the Student Vision and develop the Fellows as leaders to make long term systemic change.

Upon completion of the 2-year Fellowship, Fellows become part of TFM’s Alumni movement. TFM supports the Alumni community by fostering the network led by the Alumni Board, made up of Alumni themselves, co-creating compelling paths to leadership for expanding educational opportunity. The Alumni community directs positive movement towards systemic change to achieve education equity for all children in Malaysia.