MakanLahSE Sdn. Bhd.
  • W.P. Kuala Lumpur

The childhood obesity and nutritional crisis in Malaysia is a multistakeholder challenge. Nutrition impacts student learning. While school canteens have been targeted as the problem, we see them as part of the solution. We target the supply side of the nutrition equation and school canteens are our principal clients. Our value proposition to them is called Canteen-in-a-Box.
1) We create a standard healthy menu that is within budget for the students and still delicious. We revamp traditional dishes like nasi lemak, while introducing new items such as chicken tofu kebabs.
2) We train canteens to prepare healthier food, new cooking techniques, and analyse ways to improve their operational efficiencies. Our workshop provides a platform for canteens to come together and share their experiences and strategize with their peers.
3) We work with supermarkets and wholesale suppliers to supply a core basket of ingredients at a lower cost.
4) We involve students throughout the process in nutrition education, taste test, surveys.
5) We engage all critical stakeholders such as Ministries of Health and Education, parents, schools, private sector collaborators, and address external challenges such as illegal junk food vendors.