Chumbaka Malaysia
  • W.P. Kuala Lumpur

Having literacies, such as mathematics and languages, is important in dealing with day-to-day tasks. However, to manage complex challenges, children need to acquire competencies such as problem-solving and communication skills. They also need to develop character qualities, such as tenacity and initiative, to thrive in a future that is ever changing.

Both competencies and character qualities are life skills that are best developed through informal means—building projects, solving real-life challenges, and entering competitions—things that we emphasise in Chumbaka.

Ultimately, our goal is re-ignite children’s passion for learning. Why re-ignite? Because we are all born scientists—curious, eager to learn and explore. Somewhere along the way the passion for learning diminishes due to academic and social pressure. Through our program, we hope our children stay curious and help inspire others to become life-long learners.