Blokke Kartel
  • Selangor

BLOKKE is built on 8 bricks:
1. Food - Connecting people over a common love for tasty, nutritious food.
2. Play - Connecting families and LEGO fans through LEGO activities and a DUPLO playhouse.
3. Learn - Helping kids learn 21st Century skills through our subsidiary BLOKKELabs’ LEGO Education classes and proprietary courses
4. Shop - Marketing BLOKKE through sale of merchandise while providing LEGO artisans a platform to retail their work
5. Gatherings & Events - Actively engaging the LEGO community through Builders’ Gatherings while providing event space and management for parties, corporate events and Signature Events designed to draw families and the LEGO community together
6. BLOKKE.TV - Online video content to mobilise the regional LEGO Community, creating brand awareness
for BLOKKE, as well as for services such as BLOKKETherapy.
7. Community & Social Impact - Through BLOKKETherapy and other fundraising/awareness-raising initiatives, we have built an inclusive environment for children with autism and other special needs, while developing a sustainable cross-subsidisation model to support NASOM. Through our new apprenticeship programme “BuildingBLOKKEs”, we will also be able to reach out to the B40 group by upscaling their skills and up-waging their opportunities to increase their employability in the F&B industry.