Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a Social Purpose Organisation (SPO)?

SPO is an umbrella term used to describe the wide variety of organisations working for a social purpose, mission or cause. It includes but is not limited to non-governmental organisations (NGO), non-profit organisations (NPO), charities, social businesses, social entreprises (SE) and community-based organisations (CBO) that focus on the deliverance of social intervention.


2. How is SIX different from a traditional stock exchange?

A stock exchange is an institution, organisation, or association which hosts a market where stocks, bonds, options and futures, and commodities are traded. The stock exchange provides companies with an avenue to raise capital by issuing shares to the investing public. 

SIX is designed to parallel a traditional stock exchange wherein just like an IPO listing exercise, SPO will be evaluated on capacity, track record, projected impact, financial sustainability, measurement and innovation prior to listing on the SIX. 

The SIX creates blue oceans in social transformation as Malaysia's first pay-for-impact exchange to channel capital and untapped corporate resources to high-performing SPO and their high-impact social intervention projects.  SIX will pave the way for more innovative financing models for SPO.

The SIX is part of AIM’s social finance roadmap to promote investment from the private sector, foundations and individuals in delivering social services.


3. Why do we need SIX?

SIX is a focal point for funding SPO and/or their social intervention projects. This exchange puts capital at the heart of social transformation by catalysing trust between the various public, private and societal stakeholders who share a common platform and goal of advancing impact for social transformation through SIX. 

SIX is needed by the whole social ecosystem depending on the role that you play:

For Funders, they will get to:

•    Have full access to a pool of high-performing SPO with a wide range of projects;  
•    Track SPO progress and impact, and
•    Fund projects that appeal to them and reflect their corporate goals. 

For SPO, they will get to:

•    Build a solid and good track record
•    Rely on a trusted place for funding to sustain their projects
•    And finally, save time and resources seeking funds from corporations

For the general public or Rakyat, they will get to track and observe how funds are used to make a positive impact to society.

For the Government, SIX is beneficial to mobilise capital from the nation to high-impact organisations and social intervention programmes that will benefit the society as a whole.


4. How do I get involved?

SIX purpose is to establish a portal that consistently enables social interventions to achieve scaled impact. Establishing a system is a collaborative effort, and we encourage the SPO, funders and public to get involved in a variety of activities and projects:

•    Exchange Membership - Join the Exchange -- membership is free! (for SPO, funders and public)
•    Funder - Request to join issue-based funder group in arts and culture, education, environment, health and wellness, underserved communities or miscellaneous (for funders only)
•    Funder Network - Sign up to receive periodic investment recommendations of top-performing, evidence-based nonprofits (for funders only)
•    Keep track of SPO progress and nominate their projects for future funding (for public)
•    SPO – Apply to list on the SIX. You can also submit your ongoing or completed high-impact social projects to be featured on SIX.
•    Knowledge Center - Submit articles, publications, or research on scaling social impact (for SPO, funders and public)

5. Who should participate in SIX?

High impact SPO that want to get reliable support to sustain their social intervention programmes, corporates that have difficulty identifying good SPO for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and funders that are looking for high-impact SPO.


6. Is SIX a crowdfunding platform?

The SIX is not a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is the process of getting a large crowd of people to pay a small amount of money to invest in an idea or product.  

The SIX is a listing platform for high performing SPO dedicated to the mission of achieving positive social impact for the Rakyat through social intervention activities.