Persatuan Literasi Anak Malaysia (MYReaders)

Readers for Life Literacy Programme

Functional illiteracy affects about 10% of students in Malaysian public schools. In a recent PISA assessment, 54% of 15 year old teenage Malaysians were unable to meet the minimum requirements for reading. This translates into an alarming rate of more than half of Malaysian youths falling under the category of functional illiteracy.

Functional illiteracy affects an individual throughout his or her life. Research indicates a pre-eminent link between illiteracy & other social ills such as juvenile crime, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, gangsterism plus domestic & child abuse. A report by the World Literacy Foundation projects that illiteracy costs Malaysia an estimated RM 17.58 billion annually.

By promoting a child from illiteracy to literacy, we significantly reduce these vulnerabilities & risks and hence, open for these children a doorway to a brighter future.

Funders receive measured and audited social impact reporting, and will be able to track SPO progress from time to time.

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