National Autism Society of Malaysia

NASOM Autism Intervention Program Kota Kinabalu Sabah

To establish an Autism Intervention Program in Kota Kinabalu offering services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder below 14 years old. The services and programmes are results oriented and emphasise on the acquisition of skills and changes in behaviour.

The focus will be more on preparing the kids with all necessary skills to be accepted in a mainstream school or system. Without proper intervention, the children will be excluded from the mainstream school system and the society and may affect the family in many adverse ways and lessen the chances to be institutionalized when they become difficult to be managed at home. Whereas those not accepted will remain in the centre to continue receiving next phase of special education program, vocational skills training program and skill development program that helps those children to acquire other functional skills.

The program services will also support the parents and siblings. Families often experience frustration, stress, disappointment, and helplessness. This can both impact the well-being of the family and further affect the development of the child. It helps build a nurturing and supportive environment for the entire family. The centre is established to provide affordable intervention programme to suits low-income family at a comfortable learning environment with facilities and resourceful learning materials.

Funders receive measured and audited social impact reporting, and will be able to track SPO progress from time to time.

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