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Midnight Football “Off the Street, On the Ball”

Building resilience of ‘at-risk’ youths through football and character building.

“Before joining Midnight Football (MF), I was a very lazy person, I dislike sharing my thoughts with others and I only mix around with my own friends. But after joining lots of activities in MF program, I gained new friends from other schools and finally I managed to break through my comfort zone….MF helps to unite all races as a family… and discover our hidden talents.” – Loshannaa Ravichandran, MF Participant

This is one of the many testimonials from at‐risk youth whom lives had bee transformed via a unique social project that utilises sports, in particular football, to build character, leadership and most importantly, to create a sense of belonging and purpose in their lives.

The program is also community‐driven, as it is identified that character transformation could only happened when multi‐stakeholders such as the youth, parents, teachers, and community leaders are engaged together.

Through this program, we could guide these young people to a better career path and life after SPM. We hope to transform the lives of these students into confident, responsible future adults.

Funders receive measured and audited social impact reporting, and will be able to track SPO progress from time to time.

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