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ME.REKA - Alternative Education Maker Space

ME.REKA is a vocational and skills development space for the 21st century maker. It’s an alternative and interdisciplinary learning space where Malaysians can get inspired by recent technologies and become aligned to participating in modern industry. The reason we believe this is important is because we can see there is currently a gap between the knowledge and skills of fresh grads (both from academic backgrounds as well as vocational programmes) and between the demands of modern industry demands. Of all unemployment in Malaysia, 40% is youth unemployment. Often, youth lacks problem-solving skills or leadership capabilities and we believe that we need a new business model to tackle this problem. ME.REKA is a proposed solution that combines the interests of industry, business, educational institutes, government and individuals.
With the kind support of UEM, our first ME.REKA space will be located in Publika. In an effort to remove the barriers to exploring modern making technologies, we are in fact targeting to reach a variety of groups in society, including but not limited to children, youths, students, freelancers, artists, etc.

In ME.REKA, we will have a few fundamental pillars that help us to achieve the desired outcomes. Essentially, the change we are trying to effect is to align the skills and interests of Malaysian youth to the demands of modern industry. Briefly listed below are some of the components that we believe that help to achieve these results:
LABORATORY - a comprehensive ‘makerspace’ full of 21st century makers tools (such as rapid prototyping equipment, Virtual Reality Design sets, electronics laboratory etc) will allow individuals to familiarise themselves with the latest tools & technologies
MODULES - Our short courses provide an introduction to the use and application of these tools and technologies.
PROGRAMMES - Our programmes are specially designed for people to understand how to apply the knowledge of tools & technologies in real project situations.

Funders receive measured and audited social impact reporting, and will be able to track SPO progress from time to time.

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