Drug Intervention Community

KOMITED Helpline

The KOMITED HELPLINE is the first drug dedicated telephone services in Malaysia that provide 24 hours services for on-line counselling, provides guidance, referrals & solutions. It will serve the general public, marginalized people especially drug users, family and communities. Help or assistance can be reached immediately from anywhere & at any time. The on-line services provides timely assistance that can save life & from the destructive effects of drugs. This proactive actions is a cost effective solution in the intervention & reduction of drug abuse.

We are offering this unique opportunity for corporate sponsor to be part of this pioneering social engagement & share the privileges of social return on investment. The total funds will be fully refunded back by National Innovation Agency Malaysia, Prime Minister Department upon completion of the project.

Funders receive measured and audited social impact reporting, and will be able to track SPO progress from time to time.

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