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Stop It & Be Safe

P.S the Children, a non-government organization that focuses on protecting children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, has developed a personal safety curriculum for children known as "Keeping Me Safe‟ (KMS) programme.

KMS is a non-threatening, activity-based, age appropriate and culturally sensitive preventive education against CSA that is based on globally accepted concepts of personal safety education for children. Children learn personal safety skills to safeguard them against sexual abuse as well as other types of abuse via the programme. The effectiveness of the programme has been assessed and the report was subsequently published in 2011 in the Child and Services Review journal entitled „Evaluation of a school-based sexual abuse prevention on curriculum in Malaysia‟ (Weatherly et al., 2012).

In 2015, P.S the Children has piloted KMS with children and youths with disabilities, whereby the finding, entitled „Importance of Personal Safety Education for Children with Disability in Malaysia‟, was later presented in ISPCAN (International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Child Abuse 2015.

Thereafter, understanding that persons with disabilities (PWD) face a substantially higher risk of being sexually abused, P.S the Children sees the dire need to have a specifically developed personal safety curriculum for PwD in order to better safeguard them against sexual abuse. Hence, P.S the Children aims to further develop the piloted program to be a more effective and comprehensive personal safety curriculum that is specifically designed for PwD. P.S the Children also aims to train teachers, caretakers and service providers working with PwD to facilitate the personal safety curriculum so that they could be self-sufficient and independent in conducting the curriculum and educating PwD with personal safety skills and knowledge.

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